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Our Story

Dreamer; Persistent; to Question; Smart; Innovative; Confident; and Aspirational: this is what Skoho is all about

When I, with my autoimmune disorder started looking out for natural and Safe Skincare, it was a chaos. The trust factor was really evasive. I started looking out to the global arena, and found that the only Gold Standard, which can offer authenticity  for organic and natural skincare is COSMOS. COSMOS is the world’s most stringent certification for skincare and cosmetics.

It is so difficult to achieve, that many of you would not even have heard about it. When me and my team flocked to manufacturer after manufacturer across the country, everyone looked at us with disbelief. They were correct, the Raw Material was scarce, majorly available globally and the prices were 5-10x times higher. Overall, it never made a financial sense, as we were told.

Majority said, don’t do it. Some said think out of the box - and use few COSMOS approved ingredients. But we are what we are - We are not someone who think out of the box, in fact we cherish ourselves as not even having a box in the first place.

It took us more than a year to bring SKOHO to you. The real challenge was not alone to have certification, but also to use the best of science to offer a unique and amazing User Experience to everyone.

With COSMOS certifications, it stands as a beacon of hope, a sanctuary where safety, sustainability, and sophistication converge. From an 18-year-old dreamer to a 60-year-old visionary, our brand spans generations united by a love for conscious beauty.

As a founder who's walked the path, I assure you – every SKOHO product embodies our unyielding commitment. Join me in making SKOHO not just a brand, but a legacy.


Anshul Dureja